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Lustrous, beautiful and healthy hair is a result of a healthy body and a healthy diet. Any nutritional deficiencies can lead to problems like dryness, brittleness, dandruff and ultimately hair loss. Just like skin, the condition of your hair is an outward sign of inside health. The cells that make up each strand of hair require a regular supply of key nutrients.

HAIROBIC Hair Therapy

Non-surgical method, that can be practiced at home, is a combination of ‘traditional methods’ which are thousands of years old and of ‘most recent research of last few years around the globe’. It is safe and effective procedure for both men and women.


Hair needs lot of Nutrients, Oxygen, Minerals, Enzymes and a clean ‘surface’ of scalp. This is how the theraphy works to provide it:


A receding hairline can be the first step toward going bald ,can occur in both men and women. There are many causes of a receding hairline such as :
Hormonal changes, Age, Genes – Inherited Factors, Medications or treatments, Illness or Environmental factors – Stress, Poor Eating Habits, Excessive and Continued Production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), Lifestyle choices and deficiency of nutrients.

If you are not completely bald, you may actually regrowyour hairline back by following ‘HAIROBIC MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPY’.
It’s a complete course that you can follow at your home. Depending up on causes and severity, it takes two to twelve months to give you the results.
A ‘Hairobic Kit’may last for two to three months then move on to another kit and keep on repeating it till you get your required results or you may choose to purchase selected products only and continue with them.

HAIROBIC Hair Care Maintenance and Hair Care Products

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